• Testing more @-mentions, @manton.

  • Test from Micropublish, @manton.

  • Testing hello, @manton.

  • Testing usernames. @manton, hello.

  • Quick test of the new follow link on published sites.

  • Testing from Quill.

  • Testing a repost. www.manton.org

  • Testing API changes.

  • This morning I updated Micro.blog’s XML-RPC posting support to the MetaWeblog API, which allows uploading photos to your hosted microblog. If you’re using MarsEdit to post to Micro.blog, edit your “System API” in MarsEdit’s blog settings to “MetaWeblog API” instead of “Blogger API”.

    More text here to see if it truncates.

  • Testing with photo from MarsEdit.

    2017 07 22 13 03 20

  • Test.

  • Test post. Today we’re adding Facebook cross-posting to Micro.blog. Facebook support is now built in, just like Twitter cross-posting, and can be configured for a microblog hosted on Micro.blog or any external blog with a feed.

    Micro.blog’s cross-posting naturally works with long-form content or microblog posts. For longer posts, it includes the title with a link back to your blog. For microblog posts, it sends the entire text to Facebook.

    Micro.blog also parses your post HTML looking for img tags, downloads the photo and attaches it to the Facebook post. This means that microblog posts with photos look great on Facebook, but the source content is still on your own web site. It works really well with the Micro.blog app for iOS.

    I feel like Micro.blog is starting to pick up steam. I’m looking forward to rolling out more improvements before the public launch.

  • Flowers.

  • Testing.

  • Test photos.

  • Testing with latest deploy. Friday afternoon.

  • Test with manton.org links like this.

  • Test photos.

  • Another test.

  • Test with new deployed changes.

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