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2020-10-14: Draft test. Test again.

2018-01-01: Testing new photos.

2017-12-27: Checked in at Culinary Dropout

2017-12-27: Checked in at Alta’s. Coffee.

2017-12-26: Test title here This is a longer post. Testing testing testing. This is a longer post. Testing testing testing.This …

2017-12-14: Checked in at Panera Bread

2017-12-13: Checked in at Halcyon Coffee, Bar & Lounge

2017-12-13: Testing curl

2017-12-09: Aaron Parecki talking about the building blocks of the IndieWeb — your own domain name, types of …

2017-12-05: Testing with new mp-destination changes.

2017-11-15: Photo test with Markdown.

2017-11-09: Test title hello gist Testing embedding a gist: Test editing. Again.

2017-11-09: Testing quote: js { "hello": "hi" }

2017-11-03: Testing photo post.

2017-10-30: Testing after the draft fix.

2017-10-30: Testing drafts again.

2017-10-30: Testing drafts.

2017-10-29: Testing new photo.


2017-10-26: Testing buttons.

2017-10-23: Testing. Hello Monday.

2017-10-23: Hello world Testing with a title and a long post. Testing with a title and a long post. Testing with a title and …

2017-10-22: Not obvious how to install 10.12 on a new drive after moving to 10.13 High Sierra. Finally found the …

2017-10-20: Testing new post.

2017-10-20: Testing new build.

2017-10-17: “You must actively seek out the most audacious things you are capable of doing.” — Anne …

2017-10-17: Reversed course on requiring High Sierra. Latest for Mac build works on plain-old Sierra. …

2017-10-12: Test new photo upload.


2017-10-10: Quick test with Markdown: Testing.

2017-10-03: Photo.

2017-10-03: With blockquote: lkajsdlfjalsdkfjalsdkfjlasdjflaksdf Hello.

2017-10-03: Testing a quick post.

2017-09-25: Testing And another line.

2017-09-23: Testing & bold text. > block quote here.

2017-09-21: Still hot outside, but working from one of my favorite coffee shops: Mozart’s on Lake Austin. …

2017-09-21: Motivation for folks who have only blogged a few times this year: I’ve posted 468 times. The key is …

2017-09-20: Testing with a photo

2017-09-18: Testing amps & again and again.

2017-09-18: Testing amps & and hello.

2017-09-16: Test title Testing with a paste from another blog post: Obviously I’m all-in on indie microblogging. I post to …

2017-09-16: Testing without a title.

2017-09-14: Test after the maintenance downtime.

2017-09-14: Two photos.

2017-09-14: Quick test post.

2017-09-13: Test multiple photos.

2017-09-13: Test single photo.

2017-09-13: Testing multiple photos.

2017-09-13: Testing longer post Testing a longer post. With Markdown and whatnot. Aljasdlfkj alsdkjf laksdjf laksdj flakjds flkajds …

2017-09-13: Testing a short post.

2017-09-12: Hello Testing with long text. Slakjsdflkjalsdfkj alsdkjf laksdj flakjsd flakjds flakjsd flkaj dsflkja …

2017-09-12: Another quick test.

2017-09-12: Testing with the new version.

2017-09-04: Test longer post with Markdown. More text here. Testing testing testing testing testing testing …

2017-09-04: Quick test from web UI.

2017-09-04: Another.

2017-09-04: Test photo.

2017-09-04: Testing. Labor Day morning.

2017-08-22: Another test of code: testing this way hi

2017-08-22: Testing code: hello <world> testing

2017-08-21: Testing more @-mentions, @manton.

2017-08-20: Test from Micropublish, @manton.

2017-08-20: Testing hello, @manton.

2017-08-20: Testing usernames. @manton, hello.

2017-08-20: Quick test of the new follow link on published sites.

2017-08-18: Testing from Quill.

2017-08-06: Testing a repost.

2017-08-06: Testing API changes.

2017-07-24: This morning I updated’s XML-RPC posting support to the MetaWeblog API, which …

2017-07-24: Testing with photo from MarsEdit.

2017-07-24: Test.

2017-07-23: Test post. Today we’re adding Facebook cross-posting to Facebook support is now built …

2017-07-21: Test photos.

2017-07-21: Testing with latest deploy. Friday afternoon.

2017-07-21: Test with links like this.

2017-07-21: Test photos.

2017-07-21: Another test.

2017-07-21: Test with new deployed changes.

2017-07-18: Testing from Omnibear.

2017-07-17: Monday 2.

2017-07-17: Monday morning.

2017-07-16: Another photo test. College tour.

2017-07-16: Photo test.

2017-07-16: Testing for something with Facebook.

2017-07-06: Test for another timezone change.

2017-07-05: Austin.

2017-07-05: Austin.



2017-07-04: Testing after server failure.

2017-07-03: Photo from recent road trip. Just testing.

2017-07-02: Photo test from last week.

2017-06-29: New post.

2017-06-28: Testing GMT. Hi from Austin.

2017-06-27: Testing again.

2017-06-27: Testing new link and date code.

2017-06-26: Test with micropub change for dates.

2017-06-13: UT yesterday.

2017-06-02: Test for links:…

2017-05-31: More Photos published with 2012-08-08 <div> <img …

2017-05-26: Photos Testing 🏀 published with 2011-03-12 <div> <img …

2017-05-13: Testing tree photo.

2017-05-12: Testing photos.

2017-05-12: Testing from latest iPhone version.

2017-05-07: Testing published by WordPress with Sunlit <div id="main"> <div …

2017-05-05: Testing from new build.

2017-05-03: Another photo.

2017-05-03: Testing.

2017-05-03: Asdfasdf

2017-05-03: Asdfasdf

2017-05-03: Another photo.

2017-05-03: Another.

2017-05-03: Testing photos.

2017-05-03: Test photos.

2017-05-03: Testing photos.

2017-05-02: Testing bold and italic.

2017-05-02: Photo resize change test.

2017-05-02: Test photo…

2017-05-02: Last night’s tough loss to the Rockets.

2017-05-01: Test photos.

2017-04-29: Testing that posting is working again. Happy Saturday morning.

2017-04-27: Probably going to be a lot of sky test photos.

2017-04-27: Another photo test.

2017-04-27: Testing.

2017-04-26: Testing some theme changes.

2017-04-26: Test photo. Rainbow.

2017-04-18: Sent another update to Kickstarter backers today and also publishing a new Timetable episode soon. …

2017-04-18: Added intro music to the latest Timetable for some reason. Borrowed it from Apple’s Clips app. Just …

2017-04-18: People complain about the Spurs’ guards. But Parker from 3 last night: 3-5. Green: 4-5. Good win …

2017-04-16: More basketball on TV today

2017-04-14: Picking up smoothies from JuiceLand

2017-04-10: View of Portland from the tram.

2017-03-30: Burrito and JuiceLand outside

2017-03-28: Quick post test.

2017-03-28: Testing progress.

2017-03-28: Flowers.

2017-03-28: Backyard photo test.

2017-03-04: Somewhere over California

2017-02-24: Last week’s Sting concert

2017-02-12: Exploring downtown this morning

2017-01-02: Yesterday’s hike with the dogs

2016-12-30: Dueling pianos

2016-12-29: Waiting at the museum

2016-12-20: Trail of Lights 50+ years

2016-12-19: Thank you Tim Duncan